We help people achieve financial freedom through real estate.

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Transform your life with monthly passive income.

How would you like to earn thousands in passive income every month through cashflowing real estate? That might sound like it’s completely unattainable, but if you take the right steps, build the right systems, and invest in the right assets, this is not only possible… it’s guaranteed.

Over the past decade, we’ve built a proven system to achieve financial independence through the power of real estate, and now we help working professionals from across the country do what we've done to achieve the lifestyle and the freedom they desire.

Learn how to acquire cashflowing properties

We create a 60 day action plan for you to acquire your first property, and walk you through our process step-by-step with personalized strategy sessions, 1-on-1 mentoring, and complete mindset transformation. The secret to everything from finding the ideal market, to analyzing the deal, to finding the best lenders is unlocked and there is no more guesswork.

Unlock the power of leverage to scale your portfolio

We teach our clients how to supercharge their returns through the multiplying power of leverage. Not only how to make your money work for you, but how to make other's people's money (aka the bank's money) to work for you... the true catalyst to building generational wealth.

Create the lifestyle you've always dreamed of

Maybe it's retiring years earlier than you originally thought possible... Or doubling your income so your spouse doesn't have to work... Or supplementing your income so you can work only when you want.

Whatever your "why", real estate can unlock the possibilities that consistent monthly cashflow provides. And we help you get there.

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Schedule time with us to conduct your TOTALLY FREE Strategy Session. This is where we work with you to understand your current situation, your real estate goals, and construct a detailed, strategic plan to get you there.

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Who we help

The Real Estate Mentor system is specifically designed for working professionals that are interested in earning monthly passive income through cashflowing real estate. Our ideal client is usually in one of four following categories:

People who are SERIOUS about changing the trajectory of their financial future

Those with the mindset, the resources, and the motivation to do what it takes to get that done.

The FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) group

Those with a 9-5 job that are looking to accelerate their cashflow to quit their job and retire as soon as possible.

The “Double my Income” group

Working professionals who like their job but want to put their money to work to double their income with no extra time or work each month.

The “Replace My Spouse’s Income” group

Families looking to replace one of the spouses salaries with passive income so they can stop working.

Here's what we buy.
Strong investments start with quality, vetted properties.

  • Strong fundamentals
  • Safe neighborhoods
  • Fully renovated
  • Strong rental demand
  • Rising rents
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Here's how we do it

The Real Estate Mentor system “cracks the real estate code” to acquire your first property within 60 days.
Our approach is tested, proven, and guaranteed.

Personalized Strategy Session

We sit down with you 1-on-1 for a totally FREE 45 minute strategy session to get a picture of your financial and life situation, fully understand your goals, outline a plan to get you there, and determine if you'll be a good fit to work with us.

This might just be the most valuable 45 minutes of your year.

Comprehensive 8 Week Action Plan

This is where we really start to move. Each week, you'll be making huge strides in your real estate investor journey, and within 60 days you'll have already acquired your first cashflowing real estate property.

We give you every tool to guarantee your success in building and scaling your real estate porfolio.


It’s proven that in order to get to the next level in anything, you need guidance from a pro who has been there and can help you every step of the way. That's where we come in.

We help you make the mindset shift to look past your comfortable and familiar and create life-changing transformation.

Active Investor Community

Doing things alone is no fun. We plug you into our active and engaging real estate investor community where you gain knowledge, motivation, and like-minded allies.

We share strategies and pro tips, as well as connect you to all our vetted, professional partners.

We walk you step-by-step through the entire process

We leave no stone unturned.
By the end of the comprehensive 8 week action plan, you'll have acquired your first investment property and already be creating a portfolio scaling plan to acquire your next properties. We cover everything you'll ever need to know and connect you with all our vetted, professional partners every every step of the way.

Positioning your finances to invest

FICO score, Income, Downpayment, Reserves, DTI ratio. Setting yourself up for success starts with strategic financial positioning.

Getting pre-approved

What qualifications are needed, where to focus your efforts, and what common mistakes to avoid.

Connecting you to our vetted lenders

The right lender that understands investment loans makes all the difference. We directly connect you to the best in the business.

Finding your market

Rent to price ratio, cashflow %, population growth, diversified employment sectors. What makes a strong investment market and why market is the #1 thing you can't get wrong.

Finding your sub-market

Finding the strongest cashflow, property appreciation, rental demand, population growth centers, urban sprawl. Understanding where your niche lies.

Finding your ideal property

Property size, property sq footage, bedrooms, bathrooms. Every market and sub-market has a sweet spot. How to find it.

Analyzing the deal

Purchase price, monthly PITI, cash on cash return, CAGR, allowing for vacancy & maintenance. What metrics matter most and what number you have to hit.

Utilizing leverage

How to use leverage to accumulate wealth. Contributing only some of the cost, but reaping all of the profit. Understanding Fannie & Freddie.

A smooth purchase process

Seller, lender, title company, escrow company, inspector, appraiser, tenant. All the parties involved. What to not do during escrow.

Inspection & appraisal

Choosing the right inspector. What 5 key things to prioritize in the inspection report. How to negotiate any needed improvements from seller.

Connecting you to vetted property management

Management fee %, maximizing cashflow, tenant placement cost, labor & parts markups, signing the management agreement, lease terms and durations.

Utilizing tax advantages

Adjusting your tax mindset, connecting you to our vetted, real estate centric tax pros, tax deductions, business structures, depreciation

Client Results

Troy Doolittle

Huntington Beach, CA

Troy scaled his portfolio to 10 properties and thousands of dollars in cashflow in 1 year.

Patrick Carmichael

San Fernando Valley, CA

Patrick scaled his portfolio to 5 cashflowing properties in just 6 months and was able to replace his income from his teaching job.

Our Promise

If you invest in the mindset transformation and dedicate yourself to our system, you WILL be successful in real estate. 100% guaranteed.

In fact, if you work with us we guarantee that you will acquire your first property within the first 60 days.

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Who we are


Brandon lives with his family San Diego, CA. He has a day job in the tech sector and has kept it to utilize his W-2 salary to qualify for investment loans.

He's been investing in real estate for 12 years and has a portfolio of properties in California, Tennessee, and Florida that produce thousands of dollars of passive monthly income and allow his family to travel and be a more present and intentional parent.


Blake is an entreprenuer, speaker, investor, and music producer living with his family in New York City.

He's been investing in real estate for 10 years and has a portfolio of strong cashflowing properties across California, Alabama, and Tennessee. This passive income allows him the flexibility to build the lifestyle a freedom and independence for his family while pursuing his true passions.

Frequently Asked Questions

But what if something breaks, someone moves out, or the tenant trashes the place?

With enough investments and enough time, not a case of IF this will happen, but when. But you know what? All the horror stories you’ve heard are extreme outliers.

Repairs and infrequent, evictions are very rare, and you account for these occurences in your financial projection so you these events are BUILT IN to the financial models from the beginning. It's just becomes a cost of doing business when they occur and you have the resources to cover them.

If a property gives me an extra $300 a month, how does that change my life?

You have to understand the power of monthly, consistent, cashflow that you don’t work for each month. An extra $300 a month could pay for your car lease and mean you drive for FREE for life thanks to a single rental property.

This isn't a get rich quick plan, but it is a get rich for sure strategy. It’s proven and scalable… and that’s how that $300 per month will turn into $5k, $8k, $10k per month quicker than you ever thought possible.

How do you manage the properties?

We connect you to vetted, professional property management companies with years of experience in qualifying and placing tenants, signing leases, dispatching qualified service providers, and most importantly paying you on time every month. You name it, they’ve seen and know how to solve it.

So you truly don’t have to lift a finger and can rest easy knowing your property is being managed with care and professionalism.

If these properties are such great investments, why don't the sellers keep them all?

The short answer is they keep as many as they can. The sellers that we work with are committed long-term, buy and hold investors as well, but they don’t have the funds to carry ALL the properties they renovate so they sell some to other like-minded investors.

How do you find the properties?

We have a network of real estate investment companies that do nothing but buy distressed single family homes and renovate them for sale for long-distance investors like us. These are professional, well-coordinated companies that produce a consistent, quality investment property with high demand on the rental market.

These are the same suppliers we buy from and we’ll get you directly connected.

Why isn’t everyone doing this?

Most people don’t have the vision to look past the comfortable and the familiar. They never transform their mindset. Changing your belief system and expanding your vision is hard. It takes courage. But the payoff is beyond worth it. And the freedom to live the life you want is right on the other side.

But for those who have transformed their mindset, they are absolutely doing this. Throughout history, real estate has been a proven strategy for wealth accumulation. These aren't special people. Real estate makes ordinary people wealthy.

Do you ever go see the properties you invest in?

This probably sounds crazy, but no.  Most investors never go in person to see their properties.

The purchase and rental process has been dialed in with such precision every step of the way, complete with hi-res color photos from your property inspector, that the vast majority of investors never feel the need.